August 24-26, Sichuan Province self-taught examination to accept freshmen online registration

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reporters learned from the Provincial Education Examination Institute on August 24 that in October 2020 (20.2 times), the social specialty of higher education self-study examination began to accept online registration of freshmen, and the time was August 24-26.


provincial education examination institute hereby specially reminds new registered candidates that


must send the front and back pictures of the original ID card (the size of the picture should be controlled within 300KB) to the e-mail address of the enrollment and examination institution in the registration place from 9:00 to 16:00 on August 25, otherwise, it will be deemed that the registration is unsuccessful and will not be approved.

e-mail address of enrollment and examination institutions of counties (cities, districts) accepting self taught examination registration in Sichuan Province:

Jinjiang District, Chengdu City

Qingyang District

Jinniu District

Wuhou District

Chenghua District


Tianfu New District

Longquanyi District


Qingbaijiang District

Jintang County

dual flow region


Wenjiang District

Pidu District

Xindu District

Dayi County

Pujiang County

Xinjin District

Jianyang City


Dujiangyan City

Pengzhou City


Qionglai City


Chongzhou City

Zigong City:

Ziliujing District

Gongjing area

Da’an District


Fushun County

Panzhihua City: East District of

West District

Renhe County

Miyi County

Yanbian County

Luzhou City:

Jiangyang District

Naxi District

Longmatan District

Luxian County

Hejiang County

Xuyong County

Gulin County

Deyang City:

Deyang City

Jingyang District


Luojiang District


Guanghan City


Shifang City


Mianzhu City

Zhongjiang County

Mianyang City:

Fucheng District


Youxian District


Santai County

Yanting County

in Anzhou District

Zitong County


Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County

Pingwu County

Jiangyou City

Guangyuan City:

Lizhou District


Zhaohua District

Chaotian District

Wangcang County

Qingchuan County

Jiange County

Cangxi County

Suining City:

Chuanshan District

Pengxi County

Shehong City

Daying County


Neijiang City:

Shizhong District

Dongxing District

Zizhong County

Weiyuan County

Longchang City

Leshan City:

Emeishan City


Wutong Bridge

Shawan District

Jiajiang County

Muchuan County

Shizhong District “Kdspe “”

“” “”


“Qianwei County

Ebian County

Jingyan County

Mabian County

in Jinkouhe District

Nanchong City:

Shunqing District

Gaoping District


Jialing District

southern county

Yingshan County

Pengan County

Yilong County

Xichong County

Langzhong City

Yibin City:

Cuiping District


Xuzhou District


Nanxi District

Jiang’an County

Changning County



in Junlian County

Xingwen County

Pingshan County

Guang’an City:

Guang’an District


Huaying City

Yuechi County

wusheng County


in Linshui County


Qianfeng District

Dazhou City:

Tongchuan District


Wanyuan City

Dachuan District

Xuanhan County

Kaijiang County

Dazhu County

Qu county

Ya’an City:

Yucheng District


famous mountain area

Yingjing County

Hanyuan County

Shimian County

Tianquan County

Lushan County

Baoxing County

Aba Prefecture:

Jinchuan County sczk_

sczk in Hongyuan County_

Lixian sczk_

Wenchuan County sczk_

Maoxian sczk_

Jiuzhaigou County sczk_

sczk in Songpan County_

sczk in Heishui County_

Rangtang County

sczk in Zoige County_

sczk in malkang City_

ABA County sczk_

sczk in Xiaojin County_

Ganzi Prefecture:

Ganzi County

Luding County

in Kangding City

Liangshan Prefecture:

Xichang City

Yanyuan County

Huidong County

Mianning County

Leibo County

Bazhong City:

Bazhou District

Tongjiang County


Nanjiang County

Pingchang County

Meishan City:

Dongpo District

Hongya County

Renshou County

Pengshan District

Qingshen County

Danling County

Ziyang City:

Yanjiang District

Anyue County

Lezhi county

Sichuan online reporter Jiang Yunhan

original title: August 24-26, Sichuan Province self-taught examination to accept freshmen online registration