Chengdu added another provincial Economic Development Zone, involving Qingbaijiang and Jintang

The 53rd executive meeting of

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held on the 21st agreed to establish Chengdu International Railway Port Economic Development Zone.

According to the “development plan of Chengdu International Railway Port Economic Development Zone (2020-2025)” approved by the provincial development and Reform Commission, according to the plan, Chengdu International Railway Port Economic Development Zone will adhere to Sichuan, serve the west, face Europe and Asia, focus on the three leading industries of port manufacturing, advanced materials and international trade logistics, and rely on Chengdu International Railway Port comprehensive bonded zone and China One belt, one road, the other is the Sichuan (Qingbaijiang) free trade pilot area, the Qingbaijiang railway area, the new western corridor and the central and European class (Chengdu). We should strive to build the development zone into a “leading area” with clear leading industries, complete functions, distinctive features, beautiful ecological environment, “opening the cooperation zone”, the strategic development area for the western development, and the Shuangcheng economy in Chengdu Chongqing region. Circle high-quality development demonstration area. The planned area of


Chengdu International Railway Port Economic Development Zone is 12.24 square kilometers, including Qingbaijiang international railway port, Qingbaijiang European industrial city and Jintang huaizhou new city. Among them: Qingbaijiang District 7.85 square kilometers; Jintang County 4.39 square kilometers. Qingbaijiang block 1 has a planning area of 4.84 square kilometers, including Qingbaijiang Avenue in the East, Limin Road in the south, district boundary in the West and freight Avenue in the north;

Qingbaijiang block 2 has a planning area of 3.01 square kilometers: East to pengqinghuai (European industrial city section), South to oucheng South Road, north to oucheng North Road;

The planned area of

Jintang block is 4.39 square kilometers: Anhui Road in the East, Chengnan Expressway in the south, huaikou West Ring Road in the west, West Fourth Hengdao in Tongxing south area and Guanghua Road in energy conservation and environmental protection industrial park area in the north.

development zone mainly constructs high-precision, high-end and high-quality port manufacturing industry with new energy device equipment, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment manufacturing and logistics equipment manufacturing, advanced material industry based on new metal functional materials, high-performance fiber and composite materials, and international trade and logistics industry chain focusing on modern logistics and international trade It is an industrial cluster with global competitive advantages. In the next step of


, the development zone will give full play to the policy advantages of China (Sichuan) pilot Free Trade Zone, Qingbaijiang railway port area and Chengdu International Railway Port Comprehensive Bonded Zone, and accelerate the application for national economic development zone.

Chengdu Daily · Jinguan journalist Zhao Rongchang and Li Meng

original title: Chengdu adds another provincial Economic Development Zone, involving Qingbaijiang Jintang