Rain will come tonight, yellow warning for 14 counties in Sichuan

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on August 22, the provincial geological disaster headquarters office issued the meteorological risk warning of geological disasters in the whole province. According to the weather forecast of Sichuan meteorological station, 14 counties (cities and districts) in Guangyuan, Mianyang, Deyang and ABA have yellow warning from 20:00 on August 22 to 20:00 on August 23.

level 3 (yellow warning) area:

Guangyuan Lizhou District, Chaotian District, Qingchuan County, Jiange County;

Mianyang Pingwu County, Fucheng District, Santai County, Zitong County, Beichuan County, Jiangyou City, Youxian district;

Deyang Zhongjiang County,

Wenchuan County and Maoxian County of Aba Prefecture.


provincial geological disaster headquarters office reminded that the early warning area should pay close attention to the rainfall forecast and rainfall situation; check the implementation of the disaster prevention responsibility system; strengthen the inspection of dangerous areas such as front and back slopes, mountain cliffs, gully mouth, etc.; do a good job in monitoring and early warning information release; when finding signs of danger, resolutely take the initiative to prevent and avoid, so as to ensure the safety of people’s lives; Make preparations for the emergency disposal of sudden geological disasters. Click


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by Kou Minfang, an observer reporter of Sichuan Daily: