15 performances in Chengdu International Sister City Youth Music Week

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Chengdu full search news network (reporter but Tang Wen) reported on August 21 that 15 performances were wonderful and 129 overseas art troupes sent 145 videos to participate Music has no national boundaries and communication has no time difference. Today, the reporter learned from the press conference of 2020 Chengdu friends of Nations Youth Music Week that the 2020 Chengdu friends of Nations Youth Music Week will be held in the form of “Online + offline” from August 28 to 31. At that time, artists, Chinese artists and musicians from Chengdu international friendly city will be “on the same stage” in a special way, and the wonderful musical symbols will “break through” the barriers of epidemic situation, cross the sea, Cross Mountains and mountains, and gather in Chengdu.


, “Online + offline” innovation held


as the annual major international cultural exchange activities in Chengdu. After 14 years of development, Chengdu International Sister City Youth Music Week has become an important platform for Chengdu to accelerate the construction of Western foreign exchange center and international Music City, and won the love and recognition of international sister cities and Chengdu citizens.


this year’s music week, with the theme of “music connecting to express friendship and the world’s concerted anti epidemic situation”, is sponsored by the Chengdu Municipal People’s government, and jointly organized by the Foreign Affairs Office of Chengdu Municipal People’s government, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of culture, radio, television and tourism, Chenghua District People’s government and Chengdu Media Group. Due to the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, music week has innovating the way of “Online + offline”, which will help enhance the exchange and cooperation with the international friends city.


reporters learned that this year’s music week, Chinese and foreign artists from China will perform live on the stage in the eastern suburb of Chengdu, and artists from outside China will participate in the music week by recording high-definition performance videos in advance. Performances in different time zones will be edited and integrated into a complete show to meet audiences from all over the world online.

at present, the governors or mayors of 9 Overseas International Friendly provinces and cities, such as lavayeha province of Uruguay, Penang state of Malaysia, Nashville city of the United States, gold coast city of Australia, Bonn City of Germany, Bologna city of Italy, Jinquan city of South Korea, quanzoye city of Japan, Ulan Bator city of Mongolia, etc., 129 seas from 72 cities / regions / international institutions in 45 countries The foreign art troupe confirmed to participate and send 145 performance videos.


15 performances are wonderful.

according to the introduction, this music week has four sections of opening ceremony, special session, sub venue and closing ceremony, with 15 performances. The main venue is located in the eastern suburb of Chengdu. Seven sub venues are located in Tianfu new area, Wuhou District, Shuangliu District, Dujiangyan City, Qionglai City, Chongzhou city and Dayi County.


are international cultural exchange events with the nature of public welfare. The purpose of this music week will be to strengthen cultural exchanges with foreign countries, deepen cultural benefits for the people and promote the development of cultural industry, and continue the form of free and free tickets in the past.


citizens can pay attention to the official micro account “International Chengdu” of Chengdu municipal government’s Foreign Affairs Office, official micro blog of eastern suburb memory, and other channels to check the ticket claim information. Domestic and foreign audiences who can’t be present in person can also watch the performance through the Internet. Among them, domestic audiences can search Tencent video and station B for keywords of “2020 Chengdu International Sister City Youth Music Week” from August 28 to August 31; overseas audiences can watch the performance video on gochengdu overseas social platform Facebook account (go Chengdu) and Twitter account (Chengdu China) on the corresponding date.

music week appreciation “strategy”

[opening ceremony]

time: 19:30-21:30 p.m. on August 28 (Friday) Venue: Chengdu east suburb memory performance center

content: Zhang Shurong, the chief director of China’s famous large-scale events and parties, acts as the chief director, domestic and Chengdu local well-known musicians, foreign resident Chinese Orchestras perform live performances, and international sister city orchestras participate in the performance remotely through video.


1. The musical life of triplet sisters – special performance

time: 19:30-21:30 p.m. on August 29 (Saturday) Venue: memory performance center


2. Let the world hear Chinese ballad weaving – special performance

time: 19:30-21:30 p.m. on August 30 (Sunday)

location: Chengdu east suburb memory performing arts center

3. Nationality is the world – Guishan · Tibetan, Qiang and Yi music scene

time: 19:30-21:30

location: Chengdu east suburb memory performance center

[sub venue]

(1) Tianfu New District

time: August 29 (Saturday) 18:00-20:00

August 30 (Sunday) 18:00-20:00

location: North Square of Expo City in Western China

content: in order to further strengthen the mutual care and support between Tianfu new area and “international circle of friends” in special period, open up foreign cultural exchanges and enrich citizens’ artistic life, Tianfu New Area Branch venue will bring online performances of overseas artists such as Hamilton city of New Zealand, Milan City of Italy, “Chinese and Italian youth singers”, and invite local bands, dance troupes, dance troupes, etc The singer came to the scene and set off the whole scene.


time: August 29 (Saturday) 19:00-20:30

location: City Concert Hall

content: 2020 is the key year for the promotion of Sino Japanese (Chengdu) modern service industry opening and cooperation demonstration project. The Wuhou sub venue will help the project construction through three major music events: “Chinese and Japanese National Instrumental Music Ensemble”, “Sino Japanese music space-time appreciation” and “Sino Japanese pianist space-time ensemble”. With the theme of “science and technology help, across time and space”, build a bridge of cultural exchange between China and Japan, and use the “Online + offline” mode to experience the origin of Chinese and Japanese culture and the charm of great harmony of music in the space-time echo of China and Japan. The famous Japanese film star Yoshiko Araki and the well-known pianist Yang Shanshan played a wonderful chapter in Chengdu.


(3) double flow region “kdsp”

time: August 29 (Saturday) 19:30-21:30

location: Airport Sports Park football field

content: To explore the talent resources of Japan and South Korea in Shuangliu District, and make a Japanese and South Korean theme music dinner with the theme of opening up and cooperation among China, Japan and South Korea and friendly exchanges among young people. Japanese engineers and their sons from enterprises in the region were invited to perform “later” and other three Japanese classic songs. Young teachers and students from Sichuan University, southwest Minzu University and Chengdu Information Engineering University were invited to present dynamic Chinese pop songs. Art groups in the region were organized to perform symphony, children’s chorus and hot Korean dance. The Allegro adapted from Shuangliu stories was more original.

(4) Dujiangyan City

time: August 29 (Saturday) 19:30-21:00

location: Nanqiao square

content: as the most beautiful stage of the world heritage site, Dujiangyan City and Chengdu Xingcheng human settlement real estate investment group will jointly hold the “2020 Chengdu International Friendship City Youth Music Week Dujiangyan sub venue Xingcheng human settlements special activity” in Nanqiao square, the Bank of Minjiang River in Millennium Guyan. The 12 art troupes from 7 countries, including Spain, Russia, Ireland, Canada and West Africa, will take “mountain, water, road and panda” as the theme, and connect the five continents through dance, musical instruments and light shows, so as to make friends to fight the epidemic together. At that time, bands, musicians and young performers from Dujiangyan’s International Sister Cities – central city of Japan, aiheteri city of Finland, Baona city of Germany and montai city of Switzerland – will bring wonderful “online” performances and special music feast for the audience during the epidemic period.


time: August 29 (Saturday) 19:30-21:00

location: Daliang winery

time: August 30 (Sunday) 19:30-21:00

location: Tianfu modern seed industry park

content: with music + industry + tourism as the theme, we strive to create a new consumption scene that can be accessed, participated in and landscape, and help rural revitalization with music. In Daliang winery, which integrates “Qionglai liquor culture experience, liquor making Sorghum Planting, original wine processing and brewing, and pastoral Flower Sea Leisure”, Russian and Ukrainian orchestras are invited in the form of cold dinner banquet and Music Carnival to match Qionglai traditional art programs with music and dance full of exotic flavor to carry out a music that is both international and grounded and highlights Qionglai’s characteristics A feast. The Tianfu Seed Industry Park, which focuses on the development of modern agriculture, combines music with earth art. While enjoying the beauty of music art, it can also visit the “silk source” and other land art installations that match the meaning of “the origin of silk”. It can also watch the performances of street artists. It promotes Tianfu seed industry park and Linpan Fu in Western Sichuan with rich music performances and art installation exhibitions with various themes It can be upgraded.

(6) Chongzhou city

time: August 29 (Saturday) 20:00-21:30

August 30 (Sunday) 20:00-21:30

location: slow city scenic area

content: hold activities in “Tianfu international slow city” in Chongzhou 4A scenic spot surrounded by ten thousand mu paddy fields, miaomanlinpan and ecological wetlands, and build a stage in the landmark building “wind blowing rice flower” cultural and creative complex, so as to fully experience the beautiful movement of Chongzhou practicing green development concept, promoting urban-rural integration development, and building an ecological and livable garden city. With “intercity communication” as the theme, the sub venue will adopt the mode of “Online + offline” to display the youth demeanor of youth in international sister cities and music youth in four cities in China, East, West, north, South and North, so as to let citizens enjoy music works with different regional characteristics and charm.

(7) Dayi County

time: August 29 (Saturday) 19:30-21:30

location: Bazi square

in Anren Town

content: three chapters of performance with the theme of “singing Dayi · connecting the four seas”, conveying the cultural theme of Dayi culture and tourism going to the world, collision and integration with world culture, and promoting the internationalization development process of Dayi culture and tourism industry. Chapter one: Voice of the world. With dynamic and cheerful performance content, it shows the different styles of foreign pop music and exotic dance. Chapter two: Xiling rhythm. From the world style to beautiful Dayi, through dance, instrumental music and intangible cultural heritage performance, it shows the cultural development direction of Chinese traditional culture and Dayi intangible cultural heritage culture in the Millennium inheritance. Chapter three: the chord of friendship. It integrates Chinese and foreign cultural elements, takes music as the core, transmits international friendship and opens up cultural interconnection.

[closing ceremony]

time: 19:30 p.m. on August 31 (Monday) form: online broadcast of

content: a 6-hour Concert by international sister city orchestra, which will be broadcast online on station B, Tencent video, gochengdu and other platforms. “