Sichuan University Science 638, electronic science 659, Sichuan University of science a file line has come out!

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on August 21, a batch of undergraduate students were enrolled in Sichuan, and the reporter learned about the latest file adjustment line of some colleges and universities.

Sichuan University

science 638 points liberal arts 601 points

Pittsburgh University (Sino foreign cooperation) science 615 points

science 606 points

University of Electronic Science and technology

science department 659 points liberal arts 587 points

University of Electronic Science and Technology (Shahe campus) [national demonstration college] science 646 points

Electronic Science University (Shahe campus) [Chinese foreign cooperative education major] science 631 points

Southwest University for Nationalities

liberal arts 549 points “science 563 points”


“Sichuan Agricultural University”


“science 578 points” liberal arts 560 points

Chengdu University of information technology

liberal arts 534 points “science 554 points”


“Southwest University of science and technology”


“liberal arts 537 points”


“Sichuan University of light and chemical technology”


“liberal Arts 529 points” science 529 points

Southwest Petroleum University


science: expected to be 573 points

liberal arts: 545


Southwest University of Finance and economics

2020 general liberal arts: 591: Science: 629


Chinese and foreign arts: 572: Science: 608


Chengdu University of Technology


liberal arts: 550: Science: 588


liberal arts: 532: Science: 539


Chengdu University

is 541 in liberal arts, 545 in science,


in Chengdu Medical College, 559 in science, 530 in liberal arts,


in Sichuan Normal University. Science is expected to be 567,


in Chengdu University of traditional Chinese medicine

science 541 points, liberal arts 542 points

Chengdu Daily · Jinguan news reporter Wang like

original title: Science 638 of Sichuan University, 659 of science of Electronic Science University of Sichuan Province, a file transfer line of colleges and universities in Sichuan Province has come out one after another!