Leshan again reported “pungent odor”: a small amount of irritating hydrogen chloride was emitted into the air

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about the public’s reflection on the problem of irritant air mist in salt phosphorus chemical cycle Industrial Park (South) of WUTONGQIAO district. After preliminary investigation by provincial and municipal expert groups, the main reasons are: affected by the “8.18” flood disaster, Sichuan Yongxiang polysilicon Co., Ltd. (the old plant) takes the initiative to stop the car and then the plant is flooded; August 20 In the morning of the day, due to no electricity and water, the tail gas leaching system of the company could not function normally, which led to the failure of fully absorbing and treating the gas discharged into the leaching system by the device pressure relief, forming a gas mist containing a small amount of stimulating hydrogen chloride and releasing it into the air.

As of 22:00 on August 21, the continuous emergency monitoring of air quality around the plant area and Wutongqiao city by the municipal and district environmental protection departments showed that the indexes of hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, chlorine, ammonia and VOCs in the air were not detected; the sampling and monitoring of water quality of Yongsi River and Minjiang river section showed that the measured indexes were not over standard. Next, the municipal and district environmental protection departments will continuously monitor the flow and continuous emergency around the plant and WUTONGQIAO City, and release the monitoring results in time. (released by Leshan)