Universiade, the world’s first AI satellite named after the event, officially unveiled

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Chengdu full search news network (reporter but Tang Wen) reported on August 18 that the youth and vitality of the Universiade will bring a perceptible leap of energy level to Chengdu, and it is also an opportunity for the adjustment of urban functional space layout. Tonight, the “Universiade” Ai satellite was officially unveiled at the one-year countdown to the Chengdu Universiade and the opening ceremony of the 14th Chengdu games.

it is understood that the “Universiade” Ai satellite is developed by national satellite aerospace, and is planned to be launched in 2021. Together with other AI satellites, it will provide more AI Satellite Internet products and services with practical significance and application value for the Universiade and Chengdu. Through AI Satellite Internet platforms such as “Live Earth” app, it will fully enable the smart Universiade and inject support into the future urban development Long term motivation. The appearance of


and “Universiade” Ai satellites is not only the world’s first sports event satellite, but also the first time that AI Satellite Internet is fully integrated into the world-class comprehensive games. Satellite and Universiade, science and technology and the future will build a new experience for the global audience.