In Sichuan Province, heavy rain occurred in many places, and 32 rivers exceeded the warning and water level

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on August 17, the Red Star News reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Flood Control and drought relief headquarters that from 8:00 yesterday (June 16) to 8:00 today (17), heavy rain fell to the west, central, southern, Western Sichuan Plateau and Panxi areas of the basin, including Deyang, Chengdu, Meishan, Leshan, Mianyang, Zigong, Guangyuan, Neijiang, ABA, Ziyang and Yibin There were 1340 stations in 106 counties over 50 mm, 513 stations in 61 counties over 100 mm, 6 stations in 4 counties over 250 mm, and 276.9 mm in shigu station of Deyang City.


were affected by heavy rainfall. At 12:00 today, 32 rivers, including Tuojiang River, Fujiang River, Qingyi River, Minjiang River, Dadu River, Jialing River, main and tributaries of the Yellow River, exceeded the guaranteed water level. According to analysis, it is estimated that the peak discharge of sanhuangmiao station on Tuojiang River is 8200 cubic meters per second at 15 o’clock today, 11000 cubic meters per second at dengyingyan station on Tuojiang River and 11600 cubic meters per second at 14 o’clock at fujiangqiao station on Fujiang River.

according to the report of Mianyang City, Leshan City, Deyang City, the embankment of Mingtai power station and reservoir section in Xinde Town, Santai County, Mianyang city appeared dangerous on the 16th, and 200m behind the dike has been reinforced, and the flood damaged section of 300m dike panel is being reinforced, and 5000 people are being threatened; on the 16th, the embankment of Laojiang dam section of Jindeng village, Leshan high tech Zone, Minjiang River mainstream collapsed about 400m The foundation slope protection has been destroyed, endangering the safety of the dike. At present, the high-tech zone of Leshan City has transferred 1211 people and organized the dike reinforcement. As of the early morning of the 17th, the dike has been reinforced for about 100 meters; on the 17th, the dike at zhonghekou section of Luoshui Town, Shifang City, Deyang City, a tributary of Tuojiang River, collapsed about 250 meters, threatening the safety of enterprises such as Sichuan Lishen building materials in luoshuichang town behind the dike and Beijing Avenue The machinery has arrived at the scene and put into emergency operation. Special personnel have been assigned to watch and set up safety warning signs and lines. More than 60 people from coastal people and threatened enterprises have been transferred.

Red Star News reporter Ye Yan Deng Wenbo

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