The third “healthy Sichuan · great American doctors” was selected

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is the “Chinese doctor’s Day” on August 19 every year. In order to carry forward the health industry spirit of saving the dying and heal the wounded, and show the good image of medical workers in the new era, the third Chinese doctor’s day and the third “healthy Sichuan · great American doctors” publicity activity was held in Chengdu on the evening of August 14.


it is reported that the selection activity of “healthy Sichuan · great American doctors” lasted for four months, and the selection was carried out among medical personnel in Sichuan Province. After recommendation and application, preliminary evaluation review, online voting, comprehensive evaluation and publicity, three “lifelong honorary great American doctors” and 32 “healthy Sichuan Great American doctors” were finally selected.


are among the 35 “great American doctors”, among them, there are authoritative experts who are over 80 years old and still have original intention; there are “invisible soldiers” who “hunt and kill viruses” to protect people’s health; there are “white messengers” who spread great love and hard nuclear aid to foreign countries; there are also support members who walk on the top of the plateau, “blood transfusion and blood transfusion”; and there are rural doctors who are rooted in the countryside and serve the grassroots.

original title: the selection lasted 4 months!

was selected for the third “healthy Sichuan · great American doctor”