Chengdu express merchants promote free recycling service of packaging box

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the Mid Autumn Festival and the National Day “double festival” have arrived, many citizens have begun to buy goods needed during the holidays early. During the “double festival”, families and countries celebrate together. For many people, it’s a pleasant thing to have beautiful clothes to wear and various delicious food to eat! However, Ms. Zhang, a citizen, has a little trouble because of this: in recent days, she received a soft hand in receiving express delivery, and she did not know what to do with a large number of express boxes. If you lose it, it’s too wasteful. If you don’t, you will take up space. What should we do?


Ms. Zhang encountered many problems. The reporter saw in some express companies yesterday that in order to eliminate the waste of express packaging boxes being discarded once they are used up, some companies have set up self-service areas for citizens to recycle express boxes free of charge, while others will solicit opinions from the public and take the initiative to recycle them when delivering goods at home. These small measures of environmental protection and conservation won praise from the public.

yesterday morning, the reporter came to a rookie post station at No. 42 Taoyuan Street. Although it was the first day of the “double festival” holiday, there was still an endless stream of people who came to pick up the articles.


reporters have seen that some citizens who have received the express delivery will go straight to the small counter in the corner of the rookie post station, where small tools are placed to facilitate the opening of express delivery. After citizens take out articles from the packaging box, most of them will put the packaging box into the sorting box nearby. The reporter found that in just half an hour, more than 10 packing boxes have been placed in the packing box. “The main thing is convenience and economy, and the best of both worlds!” A citizen told a reporter that it was convenient for other people to take off the package at the rookie post station and leave the box to the next person in need.

rookie post station staff told reporters that the purpose of setting up such a self-help corner is to make the express packaging box can be recycled to achieve the purpose of strict economy and anti waste. “In the past, some citizens opened the express delivery and threw the box in the trash can at the door, while those who came to send the express delivery came to buy the express box here.” After finding this problem, the post station set up a self-help area to sort out the express boxes in the boxes, and you can choose them for free according to your needs.

“now, sorting boxes can receive more than 100 paper boxes of various specifications in a day, which is more than enough for people who send express mail to the nearby door-to-door. This alone saves a lot of money.” Staff said.

subsequently, the reporter saw in a Jingdong express site in Bali district that although the express delivery home, but in a corner of the site, there are still many recycled packaging boxes.

“yes, we deliver goods to the door. Some citizens take off the package and throw the box away. This is very wasteful. Our company encourages employees to take back the boxes after consulting each other and recycle them.” The staff said that this way is very environmentally friendly and economical. As long as a express box is not broken, it can be recycled for many times. Although this is a small thing, for an express company, the number of daily recycling is not small. Now, when the courier delivers the goods to the door, he will ask, “if you don’t want your box, can I take it back to the company?”

learned that the express company launched similar services, Ms. Zhang was very happy, “the packaging boxes are good, put at home to occupy space is not beautiful, give others to reuse the best.” I recall that when I send express delivery, I look for packing boxes everywhere, and sometimes I spend money to buy boxes. But every time I receive express delivery boxes, they are thrown away as garbage. This is indeed a great waste.

Ms. Zhang immediately sent the intact express box to the nearby express point for recycling. “It’s a good thing that the express box has a new home and is no longer wasted. To make the best use of everything and put an end to waste is what every one of us should do. ” Ms Zhang said.

our reporter Chen Di

original title: express box reuse, environmental protection, saving and convenient