be careful! The current is limited in Jinding of Emei Mountain. The up bound sightseeing bus ticket to leidongping has been sold out today. Those who have not reserved tickets are invited to visit by staggering peak

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Emei Mountain scenic area has just issued an emergency notice: during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday of the national day, the flow of Jinding scenic spot in Emei Mountain scenic area is limited, and the total amount of upward sightseeing tickets to leidongping is controlled, and the daily quota is 20000. As of 10:30 on October 3, the tourist tickets to leidongping have been sold out. Tourists who have not made a reservation are invited to visit Wannian temple, Qingyin Pavilion, Baoguo temple and other low and medium mountain scenic spots (spots) with staggered peaks, and make an appointment for sightseeing tickets to leidongping the next day.

Red Star journalist Zhang Bo and Wang Rong