On the second day of the long holiday, where do tourists go? 649 A-level scenic spots in Sichuan resumed opening, with ticket revenue of 37.2713 million

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the second day of the national day and Mid Autumn Festival “double festival” holiday, where do tourists like to play? Statistics from the industry leading group office of the Department of culture and tourism of Sichuan Province showed that as of 16:00 on October 2, 649 of 726 A-level tourist attractions in the province had been opened, with an opening rate of 89.39%. The total number of tourists received by tourist attractions in the province was 2.897 million (among which, 24.89 million people were received by 13 5A level key scenic spots), and the ticket income was 37.2713 million yuan.


Red Star journalists have learned that compared with the second day of this year’s “May Day” labor holiday, the number of tourists received during the National Day Mid Autumn Festival holiday increased by 90.16%, and the ticket income increased by 66.32%. At the same time, the provincial libraries, cultural centers and museums have received 204800 people. It is worth noting that at the beginning of the Mid Autumn Festival of the national day, many tourists choose to go back to their hometown to visit their relatives and the suburbs of the city. The number of short-distance tourists has increased significantly. Rural tourist attractions and open-ended scenic spots are welcomed by more tourists. At the same time, the cultural and tourism market activities in the province are rich and colorful, which makes the holiday market more attractive. For example, JIANMENGUAN overseas Chinese town spent 88 million yuan to create the first real-life cliff lighting performance show in China in nearly a year – “sword trial operation” of “long song of Jianmen”. On the first day of its launch on October 1, thousands of tourists made appointments. “I was shocked anyway.” Mr. Liu, the first Hunan tourist to watch the performance, was excited. He told reporters that compared with other light shows, “Jianmen long song” has its own unique characteristics.

In addition, drawing lessons from major fire accidents in Taitai mountain scenic area of Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, Sichuan has issued emergency notices to further strengthen fire prevention and control work in cultural and tourism business places, and initiated emergency mechanism. 3491 law enforcement personnel were dispatched to carry out 1258 law enforcement inspections, 228 tour teams, 780 entertainment venues and books 12 companies were ordered to rectify.

Red Star journalist Li Yanqin

original title: where do tourists go on the second day of the long holiday? 649 A-level scenic spots in Sichuan resumed opening, with ticket revenue of 37.2713 million