Sichuan added “3 + 3” yesterday, all imported from abroad

The novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Sichuan were 3 cases (0-24 cases) at

on September 28th, ,


at September 28th. 2 cases were imported from September 24th, and 1 were diagnosed as asymptomatic infection in September 27th. 1 cases were newly cured and discharged, no new suspected cases were found, and no new deaths were found. The novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in 0 cases at the time of


as at September 29th, 691 cases (150 cases were imported from abroad), 660 cases were cured and 660 cases died, 3 cases died.

From 0:00 to 24:00 on September 28, 3 new cases of asymptomatic infection (all imported from abroad, 1 case arrived in Shenzhen by plane from Russia on September 5, removed centralized isolation medical observation on September 18, arrived in Luzhou on September 20 for home isolation; 2 cases arrived in Chengdu by plane from Ethiopia on September 24; all of them were positive for nucleic acid test on September 28), and turned into one confirmed case on the same day In addition to centralized isolation medical observation, 0 case. 35 cases were still under centralized isolation medical observation (all imported from abroad), 2 cases more than the previous day. The “spekds” and “low-risk” districts of “spekds” were reported by the “spekds” and “low-risk” districts.