Chengdu introduces measures to break through the “blocking point” of examination and approval of private education institutions

“emergency certificate can be obtained according to the approval document” “pre verification guidance” “classified examination and approval of fire protection acceptance + commitment system” Recently, the reporter learned from Chengdu education bureau that eight departments, including Chengdu Education Bureau, Chengdu housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, have recently jointly issued “measures to facilitate people’s application for school licenses run by Chengdu citizens”, so as to further optimize the application process of private education institutions.

reporter learned that in view of the “blocking points” in the past fire acceptance and inspection in the examination and approval process, the above-mentioned documents specify the applicant’s new construction, reconstruction and expansion (including decoration) engineering construction projects, and obtained the “fire protection acceptance opinions of special construction projects” (acceptance qualified), “construction project fire acceptance record certificate” or “construction project fire protection acceptance record certificate” issued by the housing and construction department Those who have received the notice of spot check / reexamination on the record of preventive acceptance (the spot check / re examination is qualified) and other documents can apply for the school running license or the reply of the teaching point.

at the same time, the school site only carries out simple repair, but does not carry out reconstruction and expansion projects, and does not need to go through fire inspection and filing according to the regulations, the applicant can entrust a fire protection technical service institution meeting the requirements of the state to carry out self inspection on fire safety and issue an evaluation report. After passing the self inspection, the applicant can submit a written commitment to the education examination and approval department of each district (city) and county for application Approval of school license or teaching point.

in addition, the document also defines the guidance of pre name verification and emergency certification method, and continuously optimizes the license approval, registration and application process of private primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, non academic higher education institutions and other non academic cultural education and training institutions in the city, so as to create a good business environment for all kinds of market entities to invest in private education in Chengdu.

(Reporter Yuan Qiuyue)

original title: Chengdu issued measures to break through the “blocking point” and

of private education institutions