The 68 year old mother-in-law lost her way and was trapped on the top of the mountain and starved for three days. The police went up the mountain overnight to search for and rescue her

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recently, a mother-in-law in Shifang City, Sichuan Province, lost her way in a mountain farming field. When the sheep herding villagers found out, they went down the mountain to report to the local village cadres. On August 26, local villagers, civilians and auxiliary police went up the mountain overnight and rescued the old man down the mountain after five hours’ efforts. It is understood that the lost man, 68, is suffering from mild Alzheimer’s disease. He went to the mountain alone a few days ago to farm, but he didn’t expect that he would not be able to return home


at about 5:00 p.m. on August 26, Luoshui police station of Shifang Public Security Bureau received a report from director Luo of libing village that a sheep herding villager in libing village met an old woman on the mountain and said that she had lost her way in the mountain for three consecutive days without eating or drinking water, and her physical and mental condition was very poor. After the


received the police, Chen Peng, the director of the police station, immediately reported to the command center of the Bureau and contacted the forest police brigade. Chen Peng and Huang Xingyi, the police of the forest police brigade, led three auxiliary policemen to libing village. According to elder sister Jiang, a villager familiar with the village’s terrain, the lost old man’s area is located in Fengding mountain, the highest elevation peak in Luoshui area. In recent years, the local ecological environment has been improving day by day. Snakes and wild boars are often found in the mountains. It is easy for an old man to be alone on the mountain.


saw that it was getting dark, so they prepared dry food, mineral water, flashlights and machetes. Five civilians, auxiliary police and two villagers went into the mountain to search. Due to two successive rainstorms in August, the mountain torrents destroyed the original road up the mountain, so we could only walk through the forest on both sides of the original road.

in order to find the lost old man as soon as possible, everyone shouts while walking. Two hours later, the cry finally received a weak response. In the grass under a big tree, Chen Peng and elder sister Jiang followed the sound and saw an old man sitting upside down.

after seeing the search and rescue personnel, the weak old man’s face showed a trace of smile, interrupted and whispered, “I want to drink water, I want to drink water.” Chen Peng handed the mineral water with him to the old man to drink. Fortunately, the old man was not hurt.

because he was worried that the road would be rugged in the dark, after the old man recovered a little physical strength, Chen Peng gathered the search and rescue team, some of them helped to carry the old man’s belongings, some carried the old man on his back, and rushed down the mountain in time.

“it’s easier to go up than down.” When there was no road, the search and rescue workers cut through the thorns with machetes. It was hot, and everyone’s clothes were soaked with sweat and dried by body temperature. His trousers were scratched by thorns and fell down. He got up and went on his way. In order to encourage the old man, the search and rescue personnel took turns carrying the old man, walking and saying to the old man: “you are weak. I know you haven’t eaten for several days, and the porridge at the foot of the mountain has been cooked.”


took the old man back to his family safely after three hours’ downhill after 10:00 p.m.

after the incident, the police learned that the lost old man, surnamed Xu, 68, was from Luoshui town and had mild Alzheimer’s disease. A few days ago, mother-in-law Xu took the quilt to the mountain to farm, but she was lost and couldn’t return home. After Mrs. Xu disappeared, his wife, uncle Liu, was doing farm work while searching for the surrounding courtyard and street. However, he never thought that his wife went to the mountain and did not report to the police in time. Fortunately, after losing her way, she met a villager who was herding sheep. After returning home, the villager reported the situation to the village cadres. The village cadres called the police station and grandma Xu was rescued in time. According to the original title of


of Shifang police: 68 year old mother-in-law lost her way and was trapped at the top of the mountain and starved for three days. Police and civilians went up the mountain overnight to search for and rescue