Multiple women in the same beauty salon nose skew, poor breathing hospital side: whether to take responsibility for medical identification

after cosmetic surgery, many women’s noses are crooked and their breathing is not smooth. “My nose is a little crooked, and the stuffing on the right causes my breathing difficulty.” ——Consumer Xiao Sun. “My nose is obviously crooked to the left side of my face. My nostrils are crooked outward. My nose is still transparent. My whole face looks crooked.” ——Consumer Xiao Liu They had nasal plastic surgery in the same hospital in Chengdu. As a result, they became “crooked nose”,

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nasal deformity, nasal adhesions, and poor breathing. However, a small operation had a great impact on their lives. In response, Chengdu Wuhou Geli medical cosmetology clinic, which carried out the operation, said that the above problems of consumers could not be proved to be caused by hospital surgery. Consumers can go to qualified institutions for medical identification. If the identification results show that it is really related to hospital surgery, the hospital will bear the corresponding responsibility. At present, Wuhou District Health Bureau of Chengdu has been involved in the investigation.