Living consumption the next prosperous era of e-commerce

share the data of the two groups: the first group to everyone, from the Ministry of Commerce has just released the “Chinese e-commerce report” that in 2009, China’s online shopping user scale is 108 million, the annual growth rate is 45.9%, the online shopping penetration rate is 28.1%. Department of commerce data, I tend to think that is very authoritative. From the absolute scale, e-commerce is not as good as some of the network video industry, but from the commercial effect, social effect and sustained growth rate, which is a group of terrorist figures.

nternet users to visit the web site to visit the leisure class

        according to iResearch Internet user behavior of continuous system iUserTracker the latest data show that in February 2007 Chinese Internet users access to social networking websites on leisure class, followed by dating and business friends. Leisure dating sites such as,, love apartments, friends and so on the proportion of the total monthly visits to occupy an absolute advantage, the proportion of 72%. On the one hand is the inherent requirement of people to seek a bosom friend, on the other hand is the casual dating sites increased promotional efforts.The proportion of monthly visits

Website of local non mainstream operational skills Article vest

connected to an article “the local non mainstream website operation skills: 1 article vest”, today I’m going to talk about the blog blog blog vest, vest; there is a good place to vest? The blog in the local website publicity can vest, and forum will be more rich, don’t forget the the network world, you must be very handsome, must be very beautiful, although a little gap in reality, but does not interfere with your network image, which is the focus of today; general local websites are equipped with blog system, although many webmaster want to not on this system, but do not feel no, then we to take advantage of some of the virgin blog, can not become a decoration, there must be the only role, then what a coup? The answer is: