Shuangliu Dongsheng Street: 15 roads and sidewalks to be upgraded and renovated

Tanghu West Road, workers are still busy with construction during the holidays.


people’s livelihood projects are in full swing during the holidays. In Dongsheng Street, Shuangliu District, 15 urban roads and sidewalks are speeding up the improvement and renovation, and accelerating the improvement of urban style and features.

on the morning of October 6, the reporter saw in Tanghu West Road, Shuangliu district that several workers were busy with their own work along the road. Some of the workers pushed carts to transport cement and river sand, some brought in pieces of sidewalk floor tiles for standby, some waved wooden hammers and laid them carefully

“BAM, BAM, BAM…” Wang Shisheng, a master from Jiangyou, was waving a wooden hammer and lying on the “mortar bed” one by one. The new sidewalk stretched forward one foot and one meter.

“during the national day, we didn’t have a rest. We just wanted to work overtime to ensure the quality and quantity and safety, and to complete the sidewalk reconstruction project as soon as possible, so as to reduce the impact on the surrounding citizens and businesses.” Master Wang Shisheng told reporters. Some roads of


have been completed ahead of schedule due to overtime work. Reporter in Tanghu East Road has been transformed into a shape of the road to see, after the transformation of the sidewalk clean, beautiful, let people see.



are paved out, which makes the city look more beautiful. These days, the workers have not taken a holiday and have been paving the road. I really want to say thank you for your hard work Looking at the flat and spacious sidewalk pavement which has been basically completed, the surrounding residents and businesses praise the workers who have paid silently for the project and festival.


reporters learned that the sidewalk upgrading and renovation project of 15 urban roads in Dongsheng Street of Shuangliu city started in August this year. At present, the project is advancing according to the construction period node, and builders are still busy on the construction site during the mid autumn National Day holiday. All sidewalks will be fully renovated by the end of November. Xu Jigang Cui Kai

our reporter Chen Fang Yaowen / photo