Deliver a Temporary Work Environment using Intel vPro Technology

first_imgWhen a hard drive fails or the reimaging process will provide too much disruption to a worker’s day, having the ability to deliver a temporary work environment is often desired.   Today this is commonly done by issuing a temporary PC to the user.   Using Intel vPro Technology, Altiris Client Management Suite, and a bootable ISO image – a temporary work environment could be loaded into the memory of the target PC.The following image provide an overview of what is shown in this video demonstration.   Delivery of the temporary work environment occurs within minutes without requiring the user to move to a different PC. The downtime impact to the end-user is minimized, while still providing them with the processing power of a full client system.   Connectivity to network based applications and data enables the user to function, while further actions can be taken to repair the harddrive or related items.How could you utilize this capability within your own environment?   I’m interest to hear about itlast_img