What to do to open a drink shop

drinks are more like young people, and the beverage industry is divided into milk, fruit juice, coffee and so on different types. If you want to shop business in the beverage industry, choose a good brand is important, but to open a beverage shop need to do to prepare for the more important of these problems, because only these problems clear in order to be able to truly successful shop.

Wang Weizhong people who start a business have a little personality, so do creative ideasField visit

Mr chaoshou Lishuiqiao is probably one of the largest regional population flow China. From the subway line 5 down, to bypass a piece of grass, and fierce head up, in order to find a residential building on the two floor. Arguably, this position is too popular, far less than the subway station below the hot shop, and the same is true in fact, from around 10 stores open until 18 at night, the guests do not; and to the 19 point, all white collar drift have been tired, the store business suddenly up, even waiting for passengers, and beside the gimbap are also popular, Boiled dumplings, GaiFan such shop but generally.