What to do to open a drink shop

drinks are more like young people, and the beverage industry is divided into milk, fruit juice, coffee and so on different types. If you want to shop business in the beverage industry, choose a good brand is important, but to open a beverage shop need to do to prepare for the more important of these problems, because only these problems clear in order to be able to truly successful shop.

Clothing industry novice shop purchase to avoid the five taboos to remember

basic necessities of life are closely related to us, which is the modern people pay great attention to clothing, clothing industry is always not indifferent to the industry, has been very hot, many shopkeepers in a period of time after the shop, all feel very puzzled: their shop location, decoration, quality staff and others, and with the purchase, why others are earned, while they lose very miserably? It is very simple, we analysis the reason for small, summed up five big taboo shop purchase, I hope everyone can learn a lesson.

80 after the birth of a junior high school Taobao cheated feel

users are good, in this I wish you health and good luck in everything, my name is sample, shop to two months now, and how many people will understand the sour, sweet, bitter, hot, and we now talk about how I just shop is cheated, no longer hope there are so many people cheated, beginning when you decide to open shop online blind to find a company customer service staff said that as long as you pay 3000 yuan, I can help you open shop, promotion, decoration, reputation, technology, supply I help you fix, you are only responsible for watching the store is good, I thought, this should be a good choice oh, after all, their own the Taobao store does not understand, what all want oneself to may do not understand what to do, but he is still at work, is not so much time. And then understand each other for a long time, and then asked her to look at the video, the size of the company, and write down her ID photos, I think it should not be deceived, on the same day and his girlfriend to discuss, put 3000 yuan remitted over to her, immediately signed the so-called contract (say is the computer after the signing, the seal can also, right) is very fast, the second day she said to me to help raise the open shop, 3 days let me send photos and information, and the shop opened, to see their own shop opened, my girlfriend and I don’t know much happy, I thought finally have a store of its own, although do not know will not make money, but always own a small business, he was busy with his QQ to his friends to send a message to tell them my shop success. Your friends have to look at, there is no love of clothing (open is the physical stores), the next few days have been friends and took several pieces of clothes, I thought really happy, although not earn money from friends, but can take business will be good, and she helped me (second days shop customer service quickly to delivery,